Saturday, December 25, 2010

Summary of “The Nightmare Life without Fuel”

This is an essay written by Isaac Asimov which focuses on the problem of fuel crises. Fuel in the world is decreasing. He wants the people to use the fuel wisely and to fin new sources energy.
         According to the author there are some advantages of fuel crisis also. The air will be cleaner. There will be no pollution. Few people can walk until late night without fear. The parks and threatens will be full of people. The population growth will also decrease. There will be less kind of diseases. Road accident will decrease. 
         On the other hand there are many disadvantages of fuel crisis. People have to walk of far distance which takes a lot of time. People can not get enough heat and light. They will not get enough food to eat. The baby die of hunger and adult’s brains are damaged by malnutrition. Life will be very busy and they will be dull. The transportation and supply will be disturbed. The life will be a night mare without fuel.


  1. This answer is quite short i need of 10 marks

  2. You can now create another paragraph for the suggestions of conservation of fuel

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