Thursday, December 23, 2010

Summary of "The House Call"

The house call is supernatural story. It is taking from Germany. Doctor Braun was the famous surgeon. He was sitting alone on the dining room. He was tired due to long operation. He was woken up by the knock at the door. A little girl was requesting the call doctor for her sick mother. Although wife didn't allow, the doctor went with the little girl. She was wearing a cotton dress, old shoes and a shawl. It was raining lightly outside. The doctors tried to catch up the girl to ask some question but couldn’t. At last she went into an old and dark room as he went inside the room the door was closed. He saw a woman lying in bed. He recognized her. She was Elda the old staff at the hospital. She was suffering from pneumonia. He gave her some medicine. Then she explained about her past then only the doctor knew that her daughter had past then only the doctors knew that her daughter had already died. He was surprised. He saw the girl nowhere. He only saw the girl’s wet shoes and shawl on the wall. It was very strange to him. The doctors touched her head again and ran away from there.


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