Saturday, December 25, 2010

Summary of “Oops! How’s That Again?”

It is an essay written by roger Rosenblatt. This essay describes the mistakes people make while speaking and why they make these mistakes. The writer discusses the psychological reasons. The verbal errors are divided into four categories. They are tongue slips, Mistranslations, bloopers, spoonerism etc. tongue slips are common mistakes made by peoples. The speaker says some things when he means to say another thing. It is harmless. But it upsets some people. Spoonerism occurs when a person mix of the letters of the words they are saying. Mistranslations are made when words in language are translated badly into another language. The essay discusses why we make mistakes. Some of the reasons are as follows. It is due to tiredness and mental disturbance. It is because of unfulfilled desire and wish. Unfulfilled desires are released through tongue slips and dreams.